AI vs. AI: Harnessing AI Defenses Against AI-Powered Risks

Leveraging the power of AI in cybersecurity to outsmart ever-evolving threats. Discover how it can be your ultimate ally!

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About this webinar

Ready to tackle new AI-driven cybersecurity challenges? Join our insightful webinar with Zscaler to address the growing threat of generative AI in cybersecurity.

The misuse of AI is on the rise, with bad actors using it to design clever scams, lock up your data for ransom, and more. But don't worry - AI isn't all bad news.

In this webinar, we'll show how recent AI developments can help keep you safe. Our expert speaker, Will Seaton, ThreatLabz PMM from Zscaler, will guide you through the process. He'll explain how new AI tools strengthen your security, detect and prevent AI-driven attacks, prioritize incidents, and enhance asset visibility and risk assessment.

This session isn't just for tech whizzes; it's suitable for newbies and seasoned professionals seeking to keep pace with the latest developments.

We're stepping into a new era of cybersecurity. Decide whether to watch from the sidelines or get involved. Equip yourself with knowledge, understand new risks, and discover how AI can be your secret weapon.

Don't let these threats catch you off guard. Let's learn, understand, and prepare for the future of cybersecurity together.