Beyond Identity and Access Management: Stop Insider Threats with Application Detection and Response

Discover how application detection, response, and automated behavior modeling can revolutionize your defense against insider threats.

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About this webinar
Webinar Host Adam Koblentz, Field CTO, RevealSecurity

Adam Koblentz is the Field CTO of RevealSecurity, protecting organizations against malicious activities executed by insiders and imposters in enterprise applications. Adam is an expert on cyber security, partnerships, engineering, and strategy. Before joining RevealSecurity. Koblentz was the Technical Director at Mandiant. Previously he worked for Carbon Black, IBM, and Verodin.

Defending against insider threats, whether they arise from malicious insiders or result from negligent users, remains a high priority for security professionals.

The unfortunate reality? Many organizations are alarmingly unaware of how their applications are being used. Often, they do little to monitor trusted identities once authentication and access have been granted. No follow-ups, no check-ins — just blind trust.

You can't stop what you can't see. Proactive monitoring of user journeys both within and across applications is crucial for the early detection of misuse or abuse of trusted identities. This early detection is essential to mitigate threats and prevent consequences, such as data leakage and theft.

Dive deep into the world of advanced security tactics in this insightful webinar. Here's what Adam Koblentz, Field CTO of RevealSecurity, will cover:

  • Decode the Risks: Understand how the misuse of trusted identities amplifies insider threat risks.
  • Strategize with Precision: Learn how application detection and response fit into a comprehensive insider threat defense.
  • Enhance Detection: Discover how tracking user journeys can drastically reduce false alarms and shorten the Mean Time to Detect (MTTD).
  • Boost SOC Efficiency: Delve into the power of automating behavior modeling and its transformative impact on security operations.
  • Real-World Scenarios: Gain insights from contemporary cases where organizations have successfully implemented these cutting-edge strategies.

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