From Blind Spots to Bulletproof: Secure Your Applications with OPSWAT and F5

From oversight to overwatch: Discover the art of bulletproof app security with our elite panel of experts

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About this webinar

The application security landscape is constantly shifting, with new and sophisticated threats emerging daily. Are you confident your defenses are keeping pace? Join us as we delve into the complexities of emerging and evolving threats in 2024, the pivotal role of a multi-layered defense strategy, and best practices to eliminate security blind spots.

Join an Elite Panel of Security Experts:

  • Buu Lam, Community Evangelist, F5 DevCentral
  • George Prichici, VP of Products, OPSWAT
  • Adam Rocker, Director, Product Management, OPSWAT
  • James Azar, CISO & Moderator for THN

What to Expect in This One-Hour Webinar:

  • Insights into the current security landscape, its challenges, and effective cyber defense approaches.
  • An overview of threat detection and prevention technologies, their benefits, and integration into your technology stack.
  • Understanding the shared responsibilities model and how a defense-in-depth approach enhances your current defense strategies.
  • Strategies to enforce comprehensive cybersecurity across all environments: on-premises, in the cloud, and in K8S—even within SSL-protected environments.
  • How F5 and OPSWAT's practices align with OWASP guidelines for comprehensive application security.

Who Should Attend?

Cybersecurity Professionals, IT Managers and Directors, DevOps and Application Developers, and C-Level Executives (CEO, CTO, CIO, CISO).

Why Should You Attend?

  • Gain actionable strategies to build robust security defenses.
  • Understand the shared responsibilities model and its application.
  • Learn from leading industry experts and network with peers.

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