Building Your Privacy-Compliant Customer Data Platform (CDP) with First-Party Data

Say Goodbye to Third-Party Cookies: Discover the Future of Privacy-Compliant Customer Engagement in This Webinar

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About this webinar

According to our State of Personalization Report, 49% of consumers say they will become repeat buyers after a personalized experience.

However, with the deprecation of third-party cookies, the emergence of privacy-focused browsers, and tighter regulations such as GDPR, businesses face uncertainty about how to personalize experiences while adopting a privacy-first approach.

We’re here to assist. In this webinar, we'll be joined by Hema Thanki, Regional Senior Product Marketing Manager at Twilio Segment, and Geraint Davies, Staff Solutions Engineer at Twilio Segment, as they shed light on how Twilio Segment's leading Customer Data Platform (CDP) empowers businesses to harness compliant and consented data. This enables you to build a comprehensive view of your customers and elevate customer engagement.

Key Takeaways:

  • Strategies for compliantly democratizing data across teams.
  • Understanding the fundamentals of first-party data to unlock customer insights.
  • The critical role of a Customer Data Platform (CDP) in enabling the use of compliant and consented data.
  • Customer engagement strategies from leading brands.