Understanding Cyber Insurance Identity Security Requirements for 2023

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About this webinar

Over the past decade, cyber insurance has become an increasingly important aspect of business operations. It is no longer a luxury, but a necessity for organizations of all sizes and industries.

But with the recent explosion of ransomware attacks and their devastating impact, insurance underwriters have come to understand the need for a major shift in standard security measures, particularly strengthening multi-factor authentication (MFA) and service account protection requirements.

Join us for a must-attend webinar on the crucial topic of identity protection in the age of cyber insurance. Get first-hand insights on the latest best practices and insights from Don Hoffman, Product Marketing Manager at Silverfort and a renowned expert in the field.

In this informative session, you will learn:

  • What types of MFA are required for cyber liability insurance?
  • How do new specific MFA controls minimize the attack surface for ransomware?
  • How can you extend MFA and other modern access controls to all resources, including service accounts and others that couldn't have been protected before?
  • And more

Do not take the risk of being caught off guard by the next major cyber attack. Embrace the changes in security posture and take advantage of the protection that cyber insurance provides. Register now!