Data Security is Different at the Petabyte Scale

Discover the secrets to securing fast-moving, massive data sets with insights from industry titans

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About this webinar

A decade ago, only the largest enterprises measured their data in petabytes (1000 TBs). Today, even mid-sized enterprises find themselves navigating through 2-3 petabytes of data. This data isn't just sitting idly—it's being accessed by third parties, manipulated and moved by engineers, and even being used to train LLM models.

Here's the catch: securing fast-moving data at such astronomical scales requires a fundamental shift in the way we approach data security, as manual processes are no longer sustainable.

ndeed, only a select few have the expertise to manage data at the colossal scale of petabytes. We're bringing these pioneers together for an exclusive webinar, 'Data Security at the Petabyte Scale,' on June 17th at 11 AM.

Learn from the best:

  • Shaun Marion, former CISO of McDonald's
  • Robert Bigman, former CISO at the CIA
  • Asaf Kochan, former head of Unit 8200 and Sentra Co-Founder and President
  • Swathi Joshi, VP, SaaS Cloud Security at Oracle

This isn't just another webinar. It's a deep dive into the future of data security, guided by those who've led and conquered the challenges of securing data at a scale most can only imagine.

Whether you manage megabytes or petabytes, their insights can redefine how you protect your digital universe.

Reserve your spot now, and join the conversation about setting the new data security standard at petabyte scales and beyond.