Real-Time MFA and Service Account Protection Can Defeat Ransomware Attacks

Learn how real-time MFA and service account protection can defeat ransomware attacks in our upcoming webinar. Don't miss out!

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About this webinar

Lateral movement is the X factor that transforms ransomware attacks from a mere nuisance to an enterprise-level incident. While once found only in high-end APT style operations, today lateral movement skills and techniques have been commoditized and are incorporated into over 80% of ransomware attacks.

Why are these attacks still succeeding at large despite increasing investments in cybersecurity controls? The answer lies in the inherent blind spots found in practically every security stack, and the inability of endpoint and network security products to prevent malicious authentications in real time.

Join us in this webinar to learn:

  • How lateral movement has gradually become the most critical risk your environment faces.
  • How the blind spots in MFA and service account protection allow attackers to move in our environments under the radar.
  • What makes identity-focused protection the only way to defeat lateral movement and ransomware spread?

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