A MythBusting Special — 9 Myths about File-based Threats

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Bad actors love to deliver threats in files. Persistent and persuasive messages convince unsuspecting victims to accept and open files from unknown sources, executing the first step in a cyber attack. 

This continues to happen whether the file is an EXE or a Microsoft Excel document. Far too often, end users have an illusion of security, masked by good faith efforts of other users and (ineffective) security controls. This creates a virality effect for ransomware, malware, spyware, and annoying grayware and adware to be spread easily from user to user and machine to machine. To stop users from saying “I reject your reality and substitute my own!” – it’s time to bust some myths about file-based attacks.

Testing in three! Two! One! Join Zscaler’s Vinay Polurouthu, Principal Product Manager, and Amy Heng, Product Marketing Manager, to:

  • Bust the 9 most common assumptions and myths about file-based threats
  • Uncover the latest evasion trends and detect stealthy delivery methods
  • Prevent patient zero infections and zero-day security events from unknown files