Locking Down Financial and Accounting Data — Best Data Security Strategies

Financial data is a goldmine for cyber attackers. Learn the best practices to safeguard your accounting data.

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About this webinar

Financial data is a prime target for cyber threat actors. A successful data breach not only exposes customers' personal data, it also enables the attacker to engage in fraudulent activity and steal from the company and its customers.

Threats to financial data arise from various sources, including malicious intent and accidental negligence. Data loss or exfiltration can be caused by ransomware infections, cloud breaches, or something as simple as the wrong person cc'd on an email. Managing data security risk requires a clear understanding of the threats and best practices for managing them.

Join this webinar to learn about:

  • Common scams and social engineering attacks targeting accounting and finance personnel
  • How to encourage secure sharing of sensitive financial data
  • Best practices for maintaining data visibility and regulatory compliance