Harmony in Innovation: Navigating the Interplay of Generative AI and Security

How Top Companies are Winning with GenAI & Beating Security Threats – Learn Their Secrets

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About this webinar

In today's competitive landscape, GenAI and Large Language Models (LLMs) stand as indispensable assets for businesses, revolutionizing operations and boosting productivity. However, the power of these technologies comes with inherent security concerns that should not be overlooked.

Whether you're an IT professional, security expert, business leader, or simply intrigued by the future of GenAI and security, this webinar serves as your comprehensive guide to unraveling the complexities of securing innovation in the era of generative artificial intelligence.

Engage in a dynamic conversation with our panelists Elad Schulman, CEO & Co-Founder of Lasso Security, and Nir Chervoni, Booking.com's Head of Data Security, as they share real-world experiences and provide valuable perspectives on GenAI security, and discuss the transformative impact on business innovation and the critical role of security.

Join our panel to explore insights and best practices in adopting and securing GenAI 

  • How GenAI Reshaping Business Operations: Review the state of GenAI and LLMs adoption and share statistics and insights of business case studies.
  • Understanding Security Risks: Uncover the emerging security threats associated with GenAI.
  • Effective Security Strategies for Businesses: Insights into proven strategies for businesses dealing with GenAI security challenges.
  • Best Practices and Tools: Explore best practices and tools to secure GenAI applications and models effectively.