3 Research-Backed Ways to Secure Your Identity Perimeter

Don't Let Cybercriminals Sneak in Through the Identity Perimeter: Get Actionable Solutions!

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About this webinar

One of the most significant challenges faced by businesses today is the direct targeting of users by cybercriminals. Bad actors use methods like social engineering and business email compromise to obtain valid user credentials, allowing them to bypass traditional security measures and gain easy access to sensitive data. In this new landscape, securing the identity perimeter has emerged as a crucial aspect of any effective security strategy.

Cyolo’s Head of Research, Dor Dali, is an expert in cybersecurity and has helped numerous businesses to secure their identity perimeter. In this webinar, Dor will share some of his experiences from the field, outline common challenges faced by businesses in securing their identity perimeter and, finally, provide actionable solutions companies can begin implementing immediately.

Join us for an eye-opening webinar on the critical topic of securing the identity perimeter. In this session you will learn:

  • The advanced methods cybercriminals use to obtain valid user credentials and simply log in to corporate systems – no code-cracking or brute force necessary
  • How companies can secure their identity perimeter and what challenges they may encounter along the way
  • Why Zero Trust Access is the best defense against today’s most dangerous cyberattacks
  • How ZTNA platforms differ from one another and why it is crucial to choose a solution that covers all scenarios (including legacy systems and on-premises environments) and includes key visibility and access controls