Today’s Top 4 Identity Security Threat Exposures: Are You Vulnerable?

Don't let what you can't see compromise your security. Learn how to spot and squash identity threats before they strike.

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About this webinar

When it comes to identity protection, we often focus on what's visible above the surface – the user accounts and configurations we're familiar with. Armed with this understanding, we can develop and deploy defenses against identity threats.

Yet, beneath this familiar landscape lies a concealed realm of Identity Threat Exposures (ITEs). These underground vulnerabilities encompass misconfigurations, forgotten user accounts, legacy settings, malpractices, and insecure built-in features. Serving as insider collaborators for attackers, ITEs provide a convenient pathway to access credentials, escalate privileges, and maneuver laterally, whether on-premises or in the cloud.

This webinar sheds light on findings from a report by Silverfort, illuminating the most critical identity security weaknesses within the hybrid enterprise environment. Our objective is to empower security teams with actionable insights derived from this webinar, enabling them to identify and address crucial weaknesses effectively.

Key topics covered include:

  • The top four identity security threat exposures today and their repercussions
  • Unveiling how shadow admins facilitate attackers in compromising the SaaS environment
  • Understanding vulnerabilities associated with service accounts and strategies for mitigation
  • Recommendations for bridging the gap in identity security weaknesses

And much more.