Building an Incident Response Playbook Against Scattered Spider in Real-Time

Ever wondered how experts outsmart ransomware attacks? Discover their secrets in this exclusive webinar.

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About this webinar

In late 2023, the Scattered Spider threat group attacked the networks of several major financial and insurance entities, resulting in the largest and possibly the most impactful ransomware attack in recent memory. By gaining access to these networks through social engineering, the group bypassed multi-factor authentication (MFA) by attaining login credentials and one-time passwords.

Silverfort's threat research team has interacted closely with the identity threats used by Scattered Spider and in fact built a response playbook in real time to respond to an active Scattered Spider attack. This webinar will dissect the real-life scenario in which they were called upon to build and execute a response plan while attackers were moving inside an organization's hybrid environment.

Join us to explore:

  • Analysis of the Scattered Spider attack
  • The steps taken in real-time by Silverfort to stop all lateral movement by Scattered Spider
  • Why identity threat IR tools and practices are more critical than ever
  • And more