Rethinking Insider Threats - a Tale of SaaS Security Posture Management

Learn how to proactively prevent security breaches and ensure compliance with SaaS Security Posture Management.

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About this webinar

Fact 1 : Insider threats aren't new - the potential of employees exposing critical or sensitive information, whether intentionally or accidentally, has been a major worry for security professionals for years.

Fact 2: Employees rely on SaaS applications more than ever to conduct both basic and complex business operations. SaaS security is struggling to keep up.

To effectively protect critical data, a broaderg SaaS Security Posture Management (SSPM) approach is needed. How is it done? How does this fit into existing MFA, SSO and IAM practices? We’re happy to share. 

Join this webinar to find answers to these questions and:

  • Understand the connection between SaaS Security and Insider Risk Mitigation.
  • Gain practical tips and best practices for securing your employees SaaS usage.
  • Learn how you can monitor user activities, identify potential data theft incidents, and proactively prevent security and compliance breaches.