Secure Your Digital Identity: Top 5 Criteria for ITDR Solutions

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About this webinar

In today's digital landscape, identity threats are more prevalent than ever. Protecting your digital identity is crucial as lateral movement and ransomware attacks rise. The new category of Identity Threat Detection and Response (ITDR) has emerged to address these challenges, but selecting the right tool can be daunting.

Join Yiftach Keshet, VP of Product Marketing at Silverfort, for an exclusive webinar where you'll discover:

  • Unique Challenges Only ITDR Can Solve: Discover why traditional solutions fall short and how ITDR bridges the gap.
  • Critical ITDR Capabilities: Learn about the key features to look for in an ITDR solution to ensure robust identity protection.
  • Real-Life Scenarios: Gain insights into how ITDR solutions effectively counteract identity threats in various situations.

Why Attend?

  • Understand the importance of identity protection in cybersecurity.
  • Learn how to evaluate and choose the best ITDR solution for your needs.
  • Get actionable insights from real-world examples.

Who Should Attend? This webinar is perfect for cybersecurity professionals, IT managers, and anyone responsible for safeguarding digital identities within their organization.

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