State of Web Application Security: Top 5 Trends and Insights

Industry experts from EY Technology Solutions and OPSWAT dive deep into current security challenges and solutions

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About this webinar

In the dynamic world of Application Security, the rush to adopt cloud-based and containerized web apps has been game-changing. Yet, the 2023 OPSWAT Web Application Security Survey shows a paradox — security has not kept up, even with bigger budgets. Why? And what can you do about it? 

Join an elite panel of security gurus: 

  • Emo Gokay from EY Technology Solutions, a visionary in multi-cloud security landscapes. 
  • George Prichici from OPSWAT, the VP of Application Security who is at the frontline of evolving cybersecurity challenges. 

Together, they will decode complex challenges, spotlight 5 key technologies transforming the security landscape, and offer best practices with real-world impact. 

Here's What You'll Learn:

  1. Containerized Web Apps Mastery: From development to maintenance – get it right, every step of the way. 
  2. Cloud Migration with Confidence: Seamlessly shift and fortify your cloud infrastructure against looming threats. 
  3. Integration Insights: Meld storage solutions with web apps efficiently and securely. 
  4. Battling File-borne Malware: Explore technologies that have proven their mettle against stealthy malware attacks. 
  5. Supply Chain Security Blueprint: Elevate the security of your entire software supply chain with tried-and-true best practices. 

Why Attend?

In just an hour, you will: 

  • Understand the most pressing cybersecurity challenges 
  • Learn 5 proven technologies and best practices to protect your critical infrastructure from cyber attacks 
  • Gain the knowledge that can make you cyber-resilient 

Secure your spot today, and step into a safer, more resilient digital tomorrow.